Min-i-mal-ism. The ability to simplify without losing any quality.

Inspired by Minimalism concept, we believe that the basic idea of a minimal lifestyle is to avoid buying things that we don’t really need. Minimalists buy new possessions carefully, always asking themselves whether or not they need something. And if something new is acquired, then it makes sense for it to be long-lasting, to obtain something of high-quality. Of course, high-quality doesn’t always mean expensive.
Each piece of Tropica leather product is made with integrity and kindness from the highest-quality materials, and created by skilled craftsmen throughout Java and Bali island.

Timeless, Durable and Functional.

A Minimalist always choose the most timeless clothes for every wardrobe. It doesn’t bother if they use the same bag at many different events for many years. They just feel great about how well some things lasts, and how they continue to fit the style for years. They think that all of us should be wearing things until it reach the end of their life cycle—until it no longer wearable.
Tropica leather create the timeless collections for the modern minimalist people through carefully selected fabrics, material, and attention to detail.